If you can afford to purchase the perfumes at retail prices from R1200-R2500 per bottle then I would say rather buy from the retailer. These are Reject perfumes and the quality cannot be quaranteed They come sealed in a box but you might have to spritz them again at lunch time. If thats a hassle then please rather buy from your Retailer at the FULL price. These are ideal for everyday use. We have Very Happy repeat customers.

Why are our prices cheaper?

We buy direct and sell direct to ensure you get the best possible price

Our products are sourced from overseas with markets featuring a much greater economy of scale. By sourcing the products cheaply and cutting out local wholesalers, we can offer you better prices.

For many consumers, the lower prices are worth the "back door" implications.

Choose the alternative perfume option at a fraction of the cost?  These are Proper Alcohol based perfumes (NOT water or oil based) which are boxed and sealed in their original packaging.